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UnityMusicPlayer is a unique audio player from 2Cat Studios, focusing on clean, minimal UI, and designed with the desires of upcoming indie music artists in mind. It features a 100% legal free download 'store', and a customizable audio-visualizer for use at home, or on the stage.

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Simplistic design
Inconspicuous & Intuitive
Clean interface
Perfect for meditating.
Multi-file capability
UMP supports WAV, AIFF, and OGG.
Fully legal online database of free music
New tunes are just a click away.
Realtime dynamic audio-visualizer
For all your audio visualization needs.
Features for both advanced and new users
You won't be turned away for knowing the perfect Wet/Dry balance.
Fun audio-effects
Wait, did you hear that? Play it again- slower this time.
Optimized to run on almost any toaster computer
Still rocking Windows Vista?

New in the Latest Update

UnityMusicPlayer 1.25 was released on November 1, 2014
    Vignetting effect for AudioVisualizer
    We're one step closer to supporting VR.
    Updated GUI
    Flatter textures and a tad more colour all around.
    Key Binds
    H for Hide, A for AudioVisualizer, F for Fast, S for Slow, and E for Echo.
    Pulse Option for AudioVisualizer Effects
    It makes live shows more exciting.
    Major bug fixes
    What kind of bug fixes? Major ones.


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If you find any bugs/glitches, drop us an email at!