2Cat Studios is a two cat man computer-software development team, writing code, and playing with yarn. They formed in 2012, although they were informally working together long before that. Their first major project, UnityMusicPlayer, has been in development since the inception of the studio, and has seen many changes and improvements over the years. It has garnished the attention of many indie-music artists from around the industry, and has greatly benefited from the suggestions of users and fans. 2Cat Studios is in active development on a few other projects, and their progress can be monitored on each respective project's page.

  For a more general idea of the studio's activities, visit the News+Blog page, where the momentum of time seems to fluctuate. There, you can keep up with the latest movements of the team, find insights to their daily life, and uncover all of their hairbrained crazy schemes
("2Cat Studications"? What was I thinking?). For more specific information on the individual members, see the bios and portraits bellow.


Bethke, Michael

Heemstra, Jan

  I'm the resident pyramid cat here at 2Cat Studios. I handle our main C++ programming, as well as Macintosh deployment, and website development. I write the (always on time) News+Blog posts, retweet pictures of cats and architecture on Twitter, do lots of super fun stuff on GitHub, and make very abstract music for release on UMP and Soundcloud. I do enjoy long walks on the beach, but that's really besides the point, isn't it.

  Hi, my name is Jan, and I make music and videogames. I like to use LMMS and the Godot Engine respectively for those things. Did I mention that I made a game? I'm also a wizard.

Michael Bethke Jan Heemstra

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